Enkay Atelier

French/Norwegian designer Nastasia channels her creative vision of elegant design into her collection of leather bags and accessories. 
"Enkay Atelier is a place where I materialize and convey my vision of a refined design, intricately constructed side by side with artisans". 
Unfolding her multicultural background through her collections, Nastasia creates an emotional guideline that we discover through Enkay Atelier. Her design philosophy revolves around evoking subtlety and resilience, emphasizing  minimal and structured volumes to favour practicality while being animated by the influence of French and Italian cultures.
Nastasia’s designs originate between Milan and Paris and are brought to life in the Italian region of Varese. From the initial concept sketch to material sourcing and product development, Enkay Atelier's mission is to provide the excellence of Italian artistry and innovative flair. By sourcing materials locally, nurturing steadfast relationships with skilled artisans and suppliers, and selling through their own channels, Enkay Atelier continues to thrive and deliver purposeful designs.
Our atelier in Varese, Italy, June 2019.
Documented by Teresa Ciocia.