About Enkay

Enkay is a French leather goods brand based in Milan, Italy. The company was established in 2014 by Nastasia Nygaard Frydman, a French/Norwegian designer.
Nastasia’s approach to design and leather goods making is sophisticated and conscious. Having spent much time behind the scenes developing various designs in French and Italian Ateliers, she values and showcases the art of traditional making and work of craftsmen.
Designed in Milan, then produced in the region Varese, Enkay’s designs demonstrate Nastasia’s appreciation for clean and minimal design with playful twists and names. From the first sketch, sourcing of materials to product development, the mission of Enkay is to offer the quality of Italian craftsmanship and creative talent at an honest price.
Eliminating third party expenses, sourcing locally, keeping loyal relationships with craftsmen and suppliers while selling through their own channel is what allows Enkay to keep growing and coming up with thoughtful designs.



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