Product Care

Vegetable tanning is a natural process of transformation of the animal hide into leather making it resistant, compact and supple.

The Tuscan craftsmen have mastered this technique, using tanins, an active ingredient which can be found in the bark obtained from trees. 

Our natural Vegetable tanned leather is a full grain aniline leather. Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather as it has not been protected by a surface coating or pigment. From its natural colour, it will develop a beautiful patina over the years. Initially the leather looks beige, and has a matte finish. Overtime, the leather will darken, and the texture will be shinier and more supple. 

In case of staining, we recommend using a beeswax based cream with a soft cotton cloth, covering the entire purse (not the stain only, as to even out the entirety of your item).

The hides used by the tannery we work with based in Pisa, Tuscany, are the discarded by-products of the food industry producing meat for human consumption.